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HAVN treatments focus on intention, mindfulness, and integration. We believe that the healing power lies within. Our mission is in helping you find a state of wellness and healing within yourself that you can return to anytime you choose.


Medical Intake

HAVN medical intakes consist of a 1hr in person meeting (unless arranged prior) with our Dr. This intake is an important part of the process. The Dr. will go over medical history to make sure you are an appropriate candidate for ketamine treatments and that there are no contraindications. This is also an opportunity to find the treatment plan that best suites your individual needs.

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Ketamine IV or IM Treatment

The IV Ketamine infusion therapy is a low to moderate dose experience.  You will decide on your own style of a centering, grounding practice.  You will have your choice of aromatherapy, music and lighting while you receive a 40 minute IV infusion dosed specifically for you and your desired effect.

IM (Intramuscular) treatment is a fast acting deep experience that can allow for greater flexibility in session layout. Staggard dosing and lack of IV pump can allow for more movement and somatic integration in your session. Post session you are invited to relax in our tea lounge, no rush to leave the facility. 


Facilitated Ketamine IV or IM

A facilitated Ketamine IV or IM journey that is centered around your unique desires and intentions. Our facilitator will be with you through every step of the experience helping bring your ceremony to life and beginning the integration process as you return. Choose your own feeling of the session with a variety of playlists, color schemes, and aromatherapy for this 3 hr journey. Pre-session there will be 15-30 minutes centering in, intention setting, and dosing. Gentle relaxation with tea in the waiting room post-session. No rush to leave the facility. 

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Ketamine Massage
(Ascension Massage)

The Ketamine Massage (Ascension Massage) provides a wonderful 3hr container for deep and impactful bodywork. Lozenge + nasal spray administered It allows your mind to quiet while the body is free to receive healing touch. This session includes 30-45 minutes of centering in, mindful movement to connect with one's body, intention setting, 2 hours hands on, and a custom playlist to be shared after the session. Includes a 40 minute verbal intake and 20 minute hands on massage consultation to build a connection with the therapist for first time patients.

Therapy session

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy  (KAP)

In low doses, ketamine has been shown to be a supportive adjunct to psychotherapy in providing an opportunity for the temporary softening of the psychological defenses, thus allowing a deeper self reflection and psycho-therapeutic processing. Your therapist will be with you every step of the way of this 3 hr journey. Prior to the session you will complete a psychiatric intake and a prep session. These parts of the process are in place to ensure your safety is taken care of as well as building a symbiotic relationship with your therapist. 




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Ketamine Booster

Current Patient Boosters

Booster sessions can be very helpful in extending the benefits from previous treatments. Some people may need a booster one month after a treatment plan while others may not need one for several months if ever. Ketamine treatment results very from person to person. Most patients continue getting boosters until they no longer feel their symptoms. Every time you receive a booster you will feel revived again. 

IV Ketamine Treatment

Facilitated IV
Ketamine Treatment

Facilitated IM
Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine Assisted
Psycotherapy (KAP)

Additional Support

1hr Call with Dr. Jonathan

This is an opportunity to ask Dr. Jonathan questions surrounding your ketamine experience and to seek any extra guidance if needed.


1 hr Call with Therapist

This call can be of great help to dive into deeper understanding of your ketamine experience. You can discuss past and upcoming treatments, deepen intentions, and talk about ways to integrate pieces of your experience into daily life.


1 hr Call with facilitator

This call is extra support from your facilitator help integrate your ketamine experiences, set new intentions, and build connection.


Special Discounts

We are so very grateful for those individuals who help our community and would like to show our appreciation with treatment discounts. We also understand the struggles many are going through and are happy to offer low-income prices to help those in need. If any of these apply to you please contact us.

First Responders &
Health care workers



Low Income



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