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A Call to Adventure

So many ways to start this adventure. So many potential topics. Potential openings. Potential. I suppose that potential is the topic that wants to be discussed.

To see potential in each moment, to take a new path. To leave our old habits and ways of being. Is there something that keeps us from accessing this potential? Is it comfort? Do we prefer the comfort of a pattern that doesn’t feel good for us to the potential of a new path? An unknown path? How can we let our desire for comfort, our innate biological desire to be in a space that we know, fall to the wayside as we explore a new path. I think this is where our environment has such an impact. Circumstances changing can lead us to potential new patterns. A new perspective can sometimes show us that our patterns no longer serve us.

This is where I believe psychedelic practices move the energy of the psyche, of the community, and even the planet. And by this I am not only talking about ingested chemical substances. In this I would include breathwork, ritual, ceremony, grief, loss….even COVID-19. Something that calls into question assumptions made. Something that alters the background that we have stopped seeing because it had been constant.

Eastern philosophy teaches to see Nature as cyclical. As a balance of energies. Order and chaos, life and death, masculine and feminine, etc. I don’t mean to suggest there isn’t a place for comfort, for safety. Only to say that safety can be balanced by potential, by a welcoming of newness, by the allowing of some discomfort to creep in to allow a change to be made. This is what I believe psychedelic therapy has to offer those who are struggling being in a place they feel is both comfortable and deeply dissatisfying for their soul. A shake up, a new perspective. A chance to let old patterns fall away and unlock their true potential.

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