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The Team

Who We Are

At HAVN, we believe that you are the expert of your own experience.  Our team will work with you to design a personalized pathway towards wellness. 

Jonathan Drew, MD
Medical Director & Founder

Jonathan’s path in medicine has been anything but traditional.  Prior to medical school he backpacked for 2 years around Oceania, Southeast Asia and South America.  He studied medicine in the Middle East and completed his residency training in Emergency Medicine. In recent years he has turned his exploration inwards, fascinated by the use of plants and practices to unlock the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Nadia Ahrens

Nadia Ahrens, LICSW is a psychotherapist and soul coach. A graduate of Columbia University, she's been practicing the art of healing, teaching, and mentoring for over twenty years.  Using a blend of clinical expertise with healing modalities such as hypnotherapy, soul work, and the chakra system, she teaches clients how to understand their gifts and release fears so they can live empowered, authentic lives. website

Rachel Jemmott, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

Rae’s ultimate goal is to empower those on their own journey towards healing. As a naturopath, she believes strongly in the medicine that nature offers, through our inner nature and breath as well as traditional practices such as hydrotherapy, botanical medicine, and ceremony. She offers a unique blend of these with technical western medicine training and skill.

Shane Hubbard
Founder & Visionary
Director of Health and Wellness 

Shane has 5+ years as an entrepreneur focusing on health and wellness. As an LMT,200hr RYT, & Ceremonialist he continues to focus on emerging healing modalities. Shane's passion of self-care and Wellness extends to all areas of his life. He has also developed a ketamine massage offering that combines ceremony, mindful movement, therapeutic techniques, custom playlists, and flow to create a unique healing experience for each individual.

Charles Drew
Co-Founder & Business Director 

Charles has experience in the corporate world as well as a business consultant for small businesses and large scaled projects. Graduated at one of the top federal universities in Brazil, he focused his energy into marketing and business development strategies. Through the music Industry, he has gained lots of experience with people and customer service.

Micheala Ranz
Lead Facilitator

Micheala believes in the power our bodies have for self healing, and holds space for each person's inner wisdom to come through. She is an integration coach, yoga teacher and herbalist and has worked in facilitation and mentorship for over a decade. She has been trained in Psychedelic Harm Reduction, and has a special interest in the healing power of altered states of consciousness. She is currently training to become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. 


Daemion Kenyon

Daemion is continually inspired by the transformative processes available through assisted-psychotherapies. Daemion loves to work with all identities of clients and all topics that may arise during sessions. Their experience in space-holding includes work as a clinical intern with a local psychologist and volunteer work as a conflict mediator in Seattle communities. Additionally, they have training in grief facilitation, mindfulness, social permaculture, witnessing circles, and meditation. Daemion has started their Masters in Social Work to gain licensure as a therapist.

Our Center 

Feel the energy


Treatment Room 

Each of our treatment rooms will be structured to completely fill the needs of the patient. Our focus is to create a space that provides a feeling of warmth and safety. The rooms are equipped with beautiful art and delightfully comfortable furniture.  Knowing that every body is different at HAVN the  patient gets the opportunity to create a desired mood during their experience with the ability to choose the lighting, aroma therapy, and music.


HAVN Lounge 

The lounge area is designed to create a relaxed and peaceful experience. With calming music, a water feature, beautiful decorations, and the option of tea will have you in a blissful state before or after the session.


Movement Room 

At HAVN we believe that movement is key to one connecting with their body. Our movement room has hardwood floors, mellow lighting, and plenty of space to stretch or dance. Feel free to get in there and connect with yourself before or after any one of your sessions.

HAVN Location & Hrs of Operation

Free Parking

2 Minute Walk to Gasworks Park

3301 Burke Ave N, Suite100 

Seattle,WA 98103,

              (206) 494-5856                Email:

HAVN Location & Hrs of Operation

Free Parking

2 Minute Walk to Gasworks Park

3301 Burke Ave N, Suite100 

Seattle,WA 98103,

              (206) 494-5856                Email:

Tuesday  -  10am to 7pm 

Wedsday - 10am to 7pm

Thursday -  10am to 7pm

Friday -      10am to 7pm

Saturday -  10am to 7pm

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