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Ketamine Can Help Your




Loss of 

your true

An Integrative  Ketamine Clinic

We believe that ketamine is a wonderful key to help unlock your true potential, to move through trauma, mental health conditions, and feeling disconnected. What separates us from other clinics is our focus on intentionality and diversity of offerings to fit your needs/desires.All of our sessions have a ceremonial feeling to deepen the experience. Our focus is in allowing each individual to curate their own healing journey. 

HAVN Healing Center is a holistic ketamine clinic rooted in promoting mindful connection to the self to find balance between the body and mind. Our focus is to provide a safe space to dive deep into your being. We strive to create a container that allows for deep healing and connection. At HAVN you will be welcomed with warmth and acceptance wherever you are on this journey. Our staff is dedicated to providing a unique healing experience catered towards your needs and desires.

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A focused unique experience celebrating the spirit of the divine within each one of us.  After an intake session to make sure our offerings are right for you, you will work with our team to design a healing journey which addresses your intentions that have brought you to seek wellness with us.  We make every effort to accommodate your needs and desires in a safe way.  From a grounded place of safety you can find and release the blocks which are preventing you from reaching your true potential. 


Community Offerings

At Havn we believe that true wealth lies in the true connections we make and the community that we build.  We celebrate the uniqueness in each one of us but realize that grounding our wellness offerings in community is where we multiply their healing power.  We prioritize community in all aspects of our Center.

Free Info Call

A discussion with our medical team to determine what offerings would benefit you


Building trust and safety is vitally important before entering an expanded state.


Enter into an expanded state with ceremony, intention and care.


What you bring back from the journey is the most important part.

We offer special discounts for First Responders,Veterans &Teachers.

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Meet the doctor

Jonathan Drew

Medical Director/Founder. 

You are what you have been searching for, the universe shines through you. 

HAVN Location & Hrs of Operation

Free Parking

2 Minute Walk to Gasworks Park

3301 Burke Ave N, Suite100 

Seattle,WA 98103,

              (206) 494-5856                Email:

Tuesday  -       10am to 7pm 

Wednesday -  10am to 7pm

Thursday -       10am to 7pm

Friday -           10am to 7pm

Saturday -       10am to 7pm



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